"How we met - her story..."

Date: 27th July 2002 - Monster 3rd Birthday Party.

After many champagne & oranges and a couple of girlfriends trying to set me up with respective work colleagues – one a muscle bound Aussie surfer, the other with a skinny pastey Englishman .... Megan finally succeeded in her matchmaking .... I went for the Pommy git (what was I thinking)!?

After chatting to Chris for a while (not really understanding a word he said with that thick English accent) he popped the question every girl longs to hear “so, would you fancy meeting up for a drink sometime?”. My mind swirled with excitement and haste .... I’d never heard a man use the term ‘fancy’. It scared me – could he be gay, he certainly looked it?!

All night long I kept thinking about him, his cute little butt, sky blue eyes and his strikingly handsome accent. Could he be the one?? First thing the following morning an email arrived in my inbox “Happy Birthday special girl”. YES YES YES, he remembered my birthday – maybe he wasn’t that drunk the night before. Things were going to plan and I was the happiest girl alive.

A few days later I found myself in the USA on a trip to visit my sister (she was meant to be giving me counselling over my earth shattering break up with compulsive cheater Nigel). Although a week prior I was devastated and thought I’d never live through the break up, all of a sudden, my brief escape with Chris had given me new hopes. “Felecia Grace Tappenden .... it certainly had a regal ring to it”.

Each night in Portland, Chris and I would chat over instant messenger .... he found out everything about me, and me about him, we had so much in common. I could feel the attraction growing stronger each day and believed I had met my ‘soul mate’. I desperately wanted to cut my holiday short and fly back to Sydney to be with him (don’t worry, I’m no bunny boiler, I didn’t go).

As soon as I touched down in Sydney a few weeks later, he contacted me and before I knew it, we were at The Brooklyn on our ‘first date’. Not the most romantic date, but nevertheless, still time alone with him and I. I guess I must have said everything right, cos 2.5 years later, here we are, still together, happy in love. He is the luckiest man on earth!!

"How we met - his story..."

We met at a work party a couple of years ago when I was at Monster. I was busy scouring the room doing my best Nigel Havers impression - cheesing left, right & centre. I honed in on a couple of potential targets: one successful advertising account director with a passion for snowboarding & the highlife, the other a blind-drunk PA with more hair than the Jackson Five. Time was short so I hedged my bets & went for the drunk one.

We exchanged numbers & she pointed out to me numerous times that it was her birthday the following day - she was clearly fishing for attention so I played the 'metrosexual' card & dropped her an email the following day wishing her a happy birthday. I couldn't believe my luck, she fell for it hook line & sinker.

For the next week or so she stalked me over Instant Messenger from the US. I worked out the time difference & she was getting up at 4am to chat to me online! This was going to be a pushover! Very little man-hours required from my end & plenty of bunnies boiled at hers.

So that's pretty much it really. We met up again when she got back from the US, went out a couple of times & after a week she practically moved in. Haven't been able to get rid of her since.